Arbor Seed FAQ’s

Arbor Seed FAQ’s

November 2016


What do you do?

Arbor Seed provides IT services including application development, testing, technical consulting, design, UI/UX work, program and project management, along with other related services.  These are generally done on an outsourced or out staffed model.

Where are you based?

Arbor Seed is an American company with offices in Europe. It’s development base is largely in Poland and Western Ukraine.

How many developers do you have?

Arbor has a development base of about 2,000 resources able to provide the above services.

In which technologies do you specialize?

Arbor Seed covers a range of tech stacks. These are listed in our application development page. Commonly these are: Microsoft .NET, Java, Open Source technologies, PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, mobile and cross-platform technologies and so on.

What business domains do you service?

With the size of our development base, we have people who have serviced a great range of business domains. To list a few, these would include finance, insurance, medical, travel, construction, real estate, legal, e-commerce, gift-giving, education and scientific applications.

How do you work?

Most of our engagements are time and materials (T&M) on an hourly rate or dedicated teams at a monthly rate.

Will you do fixed-price projects?

If there is a very well-defined specification, yes we will take on fixed-price engagements.  If there is not an existing spec, we can do a Discovery Phase where would work with the customer to define specs of sufficient detail to potentially then do a fixed-price engagement.

What development methodologies do you typically use?

We can work in the manner and methodology that our customers prefer. In most cases, that follows Agile/Scrum principles. We can work in other ways e.g. traditional project management / waterfall or Kanban.

What project management tools do you use?

We are standardized on Jira, but can use other tools if that is what our customers want.

Can you put someone onsite?

It depends on the geography, size of the project, etc.

Testing tools

TestRail, HP Quality Center, Jira, Bugzilla, TestComplete, TestLink, others.

What are your rates?

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