How We Work


Time & Material (T&M) Engagements

  • The vast majority of Arbor Seed’s engagements are time and materials engagements.
  • Based on the task at hand, Arbor Seed will create a team that fits the tech stack and the business domain. Budget considerations are also factored in.
  • You pay for the working time of Arbor Seed’s team, typically on an hourly or daily basis. The services are billed monthly on the basis of actual work done by the team and presented in a monthly work report.
  • The rate includes all costs associated with the work of an employee (salary, office space and service, hardware, software, etc.).


Dedicated Teams

  • Often our customers have ongoing development requirements. In such cases, Arbor Seed will create a team that – like T&M engagements – fits the tech stack, business domain and budget of the customer.
  • Team members are billed on a flat monthly rate. Work reports can be made available as needed.
  • The rate includes all costs associated with the work of an employee (salary, office space and service, hardware, software, etc.).


Fixed Price Projects

  • In certain cases where a customer has very well defined specifications for a project, Arbor Seed can take fixed-price engagements.
  • The service price is determined at the beginning of the project based on a detailed requirements specification. Additionally, a project schedule is set and payment milestones are agreed.
  • Arbor Seed takes responsibility for correctly estimating the amount of work for the project, as well as for provisioning adequate infrastructure and a team able to complete the job. When requirements change, these can be billed per agreement with the customer.


Staff Augmentation / Body Leasing

  • You specify the requirements for the staff to carry out your project. Arbor Seed presents potential candidates. The team assembled in this way is put at your disposal and performs the tasks assigned by you.
  • Arbor Seed is responsible for ensuring the availability of the team, providing the infrastructure needed to carry out the work and tools for precise work time reporting. You manage the operational activities of the team by yourself.





  • You can hire a highly-skilled or specialized consultant with the necessary experience and knowledge to provide high-level development guidance, research and develop system architecture options and specification, and provide other similar services.


General or Subcontractor

  • Arbor Seed has the ability to work as a general contractor for end customers. But we have the flexibility to also work as a subcontractor when there is a business necessity to do so.


Remote and Onsite Work

  • Typically, our engagements involve offshore or near shore teams for European customers.
  • However, we are able to provide onsite resources or work with hybrid onsite/remote teams. We have onshore partners who can provide customer interaction, support during US hours, perform requirements collection, etc.  We also have onshore project and program managers able to work onsite, depending on the geography.